• Category :Web and App Development
  • Date :25 June, 2018
  • Client : FIMO

Project Brief:

About the Company

Being fit is one of the boring things to start out of sheer laziness. But once you taste the fruit
of fitness no one can stop you to continue it. Fitness is not a goal to achieve; it is a lifestyle to

To make things easier for you, Fimo is here. Basing on the calories you burnt, it will
reward you with Fimos (our very own currency) using which you can buy your desired
product/service/experience. There will be wide range of products/services/experiences to

Step 01

The Unique Challenge

An extremely early stage start up, needing an application. The application had to be robust, scalable and should be able to handle huge number of users. The growth was certain and hence the point was to create a fantastic application in the first go. Evolution with the user base was not the case here. Atleast not with the basic functionalities.

All of the development had to be done, but the time was very less. Designing, front end, backend, testing and delivery, all were in the emergency pipeline and the clock was ticking.

Client did not want any competitor to enter the marker before the app release but the problem was a competitor had already announced release in India in 2 months. So our deadline had to be shorter.


Step 02

The AdverScribe Touch

The meeting was conducted and the basics were set straight within 2 days.. Designing and development started parallel. Both front end and backend working at the same time. The project was kept on highest priority and deadlines for delivery was set at 6 weeks. Everything went on smoothly and the final connection between front end and backend was done and after that the app was out for testing.


Step 03

The Impact

The project was given such a high priority that designing and development both got completed in 3 weeks and another week for testing and bug fixing. Within 1 month the client had a fully functional app working in hand. "Impressive" was the feedback we got. The app got released on play store after another week of client side testing and grew up to 10000+ users in 3 months of release. Never since
has the client looked anywhere else for anything.

So that's how we work towards our commitment. Interested?