10 Clever Examples of Amazing Print Ads that revolutionized the way of print Advertisement

Print advertising is a form of advertising through printed media to reach consumers, business customers and prospects. Print ads were once the standard format for creative advertising. But ever since the boom of the digital world, more and more advertising dollars were reallocated to digital outlets, as print advertising was seen as an expensive, untrackable, traditional media format. Most advertising agencies would have you believe that print advertising is void of innovative ideas, which is certainly not the case. More and more businesses are merging the digital world with the physical world through magazines and newspaper ads. Print ads have more to offer than good looks and great copy. Here are 10 major league print ads that should jazz up your morning read. Also Check our : Newspaper Advertising Service


This amazing ad targeted young mothers and how to keep a track of their children on the beach. The ad included a wristbrand you could attach to your child as he/she runs around the beach. The app lets you set a distance and receive alerts if the child wandered beyond the limit.


This print ad for the car brand featured a one-page ad with a front view of the car and asked people to hit the ad. As soon as they hit the ad, the spread following it included a mini air bag that inflated when hit, showcasing the protection of the passengers in the car.


This amazing magazine ad from lexus in 2013 merged print with digital in a very unique way. A 1 page ad, when placed over an iPad revealed the car in action with different backgrounds and music.


Volkswagon prides itself in german engerning and in this ad wanted to prove just how good it really got. They published a three-page spread so readers could take a test drive, by downloading an app and trying out different features. The app included lane assist mode that would cause the phone to viberate when it got too close to one side of the road. This was the first ever test drive combining print and digital media to give the costomers just what they could expect in a volkswagon car as well as get them interested enough to actually go for a test drive and get them to buy a car.

Lladro Lighting

Why advertise lamps when you can give people an ad that transforms into a lamp? This ingenious ad by Lladro acts like a pop-up book, allowing people to create their own lamp shapes by mounting the paper into a corner.


Motorola was a very popular mobile brand in the past and still is one of the best phone companies. The brand teamed up with Wired to promote the Moto X's customization so people could change the color of the phone by pushing buttons on a magazine ad.

Kontor Records

Kontor records wanted to get the attention of creative advertising professionals. Instead of mailing out the latest CD, it sent a vinyl record with paper turntable that could be played with an iPhone.


The Carlsberg bottle-opener ad Carlsberg came up with an innovative ad of using a flimsy magazine paper to open a bottle of beer. This useful and innovative ad is probably the best use of print ads to get people to buy more of a certain product.

Corono Kitchen

Corono Kitchen used a very igneous way of promoting their kitchenware in the classified section of a newspaper. Take a look at the photo above and see if you can find the optical illusion that makes it seem as through the kitchen has been implanted right into the paper. This truly amazing ad was done just by using rows of words to promote their brand.


The Solar-powered Ad This smart ad promoted green energy by using solar-power to actually see the ad. In the magazine, its just a black-and- white sketch. But when held up to sunlight, it blossoms into a full color ad.